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Life’s Too Short to Go So F*cking Slow

“Even when you’re scared, you do the thing. You show up, face your fears, and you keep going.”

Susan Lacke was a hot mess. At 23 years old, she was already making all the wrong moves. She succumbed to small town expectations and married the wrong guy, tried to hide her stress by working more, drank too much, and made a regular habit of frequenting fast food chains because…”who has time to cook?” She was on the wrong track and knew it, but rationalized her choices away in the way that many of us do. She was busy. Too busy to exercise, too busy to cook decent food for herself. Too busy to cope with the stress.

Carlos was an Ironman triathlete, a hustler, and didn’t believe in wasting time. Life was too short to go so fucking slow. He was also Susan’s boss, a hard-ass engineering professor who recognized Susan’s potential, and that she was on the verge of throwing it away with a few more bad decisions.  Bit by bit, he pulled her into his world of early morning bike rides, lunchtime lap swimming, and ad hoc counseling sessions over coffee. Soon, Susan was someone different. More confident. Happy.

It’s an all too rare story that a supervisor becomes a true mentor, and even rarer when mentorship turns to friendship. It’s the type of relationship that can change a life at a point when it needs changing.  Susan’s book, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow, is a tribute to the friendship that we should all be lucky enough to have, and that sometimes slips away much too soon.

Susan Lacke
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