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Andrew Drummond: Tuckerman Inferno

Tuckerman’s Ravine is famous for the late spring skiing that it produces every year, drawing hundreds of backcountry snow sliders each week. But for one weekend each April, it is part of a larger event, the Tuckerman’s Inferno Pentathlon. Consisting of five events, the Inferno tests the athlete’s ability in raw athletic talent as well as technical mountain skills. The approximately 35 mile course (it varies each year) is made up of the following events:

Run 8.3 miles
Kayak 5.5 miles
Bike 18.2 miles (road conditions)
Hike 3 miles (athletes may skin/snowshoe based on snow cover)
Ski (varies based on avalanche & safety considerations)

My guest today is Andrew Drummond, who has raced and won the mens solo division each year since 2015. He talks with us about what it takes to compete in the Inferno, either in the solo division or as part of a relay team. We also talk about some of the history of the event, dating back to the 1930’s with the original Inferno ski race. Andrew is also the owner/operator of Ski the Whites, a backcountry ski rental shop based in Jackson, NH. Anyone wanting to break into the sport of backcountry skiing can find him at the base of Black Mountain ski resort where they can pick up some gear as well as expert advice, and head into the backcountry on some classic CCC trails that begin right from the base of the mountain.

Andrew Drummond and Dog
Andrew Drummond climbing

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