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Episode 2: Paddlequest 1500 with John Connelly

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John Connelly has carved out a pretty enviable¬†lifestyle for himself. He’s owned a whitewater rafting company, been director of L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School, and currently owns Adventurous Joe Coffee, a specialty roaster with an outdoor adventure theme. John recently completed a 1500 mile paddling trek that he calls Paddlequest 1500. John pieced together the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the St. John River, Bay of Fundy, and finally the coastal Maine Island Trail for a 75 day journey that he gave to himself as a 60th birthday present. But that’s not all… He wants people listening to be inspired and love getting outdoors. The final strokes may be completed, but Paddlequest 1500 is far from over. Find out how he plans to continue the journey.

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Paddlequest 1500

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