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Join host Gregg Squeglia as we explore action sports and the outdoor lifestyle. On this podcast, we interview the foremost personalities in the outdoor space, answering your questions and taking a deep dive into some of the most interesting stories about how the outdoors shapes who we are.

Dan and Dana from Gnarly Bay, a film production company in Westerly, Rhode Island, talk about their experiences in producing great adventure films. Known for what they call their "passion projects," they have claimed top prize at major outdoor film events including Reel Paddling and Five Point Adventure Film Festivals.

Tuckerman's Ravine is famous for the late spring skiing that it produces every year, drawing hundreds of backcountry snow sliders each week. But for one weekend each April, it is part of a larger event, the Tuckerman's Inferno Pentathlon. My guest today is Andrew Drummond, who has raced and won the mens solo division each year since 2015. He talks with us about what it takes to compete in the Inferno, either in the solo division or as part of a relay team.

What's it like to live the Life of Riley? Join us for the podcast episode and find out. Riley Elliott is a surfer, spear fisherman, and leading shark scientist from New Zealand that knows how to make waves across the globe. Riley's philosophy is to pull you into his world through stunning visual imagery and a robust media presence.

"Even when you're scared, you do the thing. You show up, face your fears, and you keep going."

Lindsay Graff joins us on the podcast to talk about the great apex predators of the sea. Lindsay is a native Vermonter who relocates to Cape Cod each summer to perform field and lab work with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. She also conducts science based shark expeditions, and is particularly passionate about public outreach programs including school lectures as well as a program named the Gills Club, which focuses on pairing girls 13 and younger with female marine scientists.

Kristen Ulmer joins us on Intrepid Northeast Radio to talk about her favorite topic - Fear. Her new book, The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won't Work and What to Do Instead, hits book shelves this month.  Kristen was the extreme ski industry's first female stars, and was considered the best female extreme skier in the world throughout the 1990's. Landing roles in Warren Miller ski films and decorating the pages of Powder magazine with her big air jumps, it's pretty certain that she's encountered plenty of situations that are pretty scary by anyone's standards

Usually when we head outdoors, we take the highway out of the city and try to get some breathing room. But today’s topic discusses the urban lifestyle sport of Parkour, where kids, teens, and young adults called traceurs test their mettle on the concrete as they leap obstacles, perform backflips and vaults, and forge out an identity amongst the urban crowds. This is what American Ninja Warriors look like before they hit the small screen. My guest Jeff Kidder is a professor of sociology at Northern Illinois University, and he studied traceurs for several years to find out what

Once we get out into the outdoors, we all think we’re Ansel Adams. But as it turns out, getting that one perfect shot takes a lot of work. Not only do you need good equipment, but light, creativity, and smiling, happy subjects all contribute to a great visual that will bring you right back to the moment it was taken. Join Tristan von Duntz on this episode as we discuss how to step up your game and create something that you’ll want to hang above the couch in the living room (if people still do that kind of thing).

Who says there isn’t much going on during the winter months? Not Brad White, co-owner of International Mountain Equipment and the International Mountain Climbing School (IMCS). For the past 24 years, IMCS has hosted a winter festival called the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, and it’s grown into a big success. With now over 350 participants, it ranks as one of the largest gatherings of ice climbers and mountaineers anywhere in the nation. Join Brad as he gives us the scoop on how to get involved with all styles of climbing this winter.

The name most associated with backcountry skiing in the northeast is David Goodman. If you have ever even thought about taking up the sport, then you are probably aware of his definitive guidebook, Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast: 50 Classic Ski Tours In New England And New York. On this episode, David discusses how he came to write that book, how the Great Depression helped create the sport of skiing in the northeast, and many of the latest resources that you can access if you are looking to venture past the downhill resorts (or sometimes in conjunction with them).

Zebulon Jakub is one of my favorite people to talk to about adventure sports. I first spoke with him over a year ago when writing one of my first articles for Intrepid Northeast. That article, Jakub’s Ladder, profiled the sport of snowkiting. Zeb gave such a great interview that I knew I had to talk with him again for the podcast. Here, we talk about kiteboarding both on water and land. Zeb is a professional kiteboarding instructor, as well as a climbing guide and paraglider. So no matter what the weather is like, he’s ready to get outside.

On the afternoon of February 21, 1959, a single engine Piper Comanche crashed in the Pemigewasset Wilderness of New Hampshire. On board were two Dartmouth Medical School physicians, Drs. Ralph Miller and Robert Quinn. They both survived the crash and struggled to survive for four days before succumbing to the harsh New Hampshire winter. Although they never made it out of the wilderness alive, their legacies live on even to this day, especially in the Dartmouth medical and aviation communities. My guest today is John Morton, of Morton Trails, and today he tells the story of the Miller-Quinn Air Tragedy.

John Connelly has carved out a pretty enviable lifestyle for himself. He's owned a whitewater rafting company, been director of L.L. Bean's Outdoor Discovery School, and currently owns Adventurous Joe Coffee, a specialty roaster with an outdoor adventure theme. John recently completed a 1500 mile paddling trek that he calls Paddlequest 1500. John pieced together the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the St. John River, Bay of Fundy, and finally the coastal Maine Island Trail for a 75 day journey that he gave to himself as a 60th birthday present. But that's not all

Alex is a marine biologist and president of the Massachusetts Freedivers Spearfishing Club. Alex discusses what its like to dive and spearfish in New England, including some of the tournaments that encourage new divers, resources for getting great advice on gear, challenges with the low visibility common to New England waters, and his favorite species to take home for dinner.

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